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New York Islanders at Tampa Bay Lightning [Round 3, Game 2 thread]

The Isles aim to turn the screw, the Lightning aim to even the series.

New York Islanders v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game One
Let’s bounce.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Lightning feel like they need a do-over after a poor Game 1.

The New York Islanders would nothing more than to do Game 1 over, exactly as it happened.

Such is the momentum of a playoff series: Push, push back, push harder.

That also affects us as fans: The Game 1 victory was such a relief! A great sign! So much better than losing Game 1 which...the Isles did in the last series before coming back to win it all. Ye gods, there’s no reason to have this optimistic feeling, is there?

And so on.

Barry Trotz:

“We’re not really worried about the hard; I think our guys embrace the battle, the hardness of the game and what it’ll take. But you’ll see their best game, there’s no question. You’re going to see some more desperation in their game, they’ll have maybe a different plan. I think we had something to do with it, but I’m sure they have another level, or feel they do, for sure.”

Jon Cooper:

“When I want a team leaving a game, I’d like for them to have ice bags all over their body and not feeling too great afterwards,” Lightning coach Jon Cooper said. “I think at times the Islanders probably didn’t have to shower after [Game 1]. A little uncharacteristic for us.”

Bring it on. Let’s. Go. Islanders.