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Injury Update: Anders Lee out “indefinitely” with a lower-body injury

That cannot spell good news.

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NHL: New Jersey Devils at New York Islanders
Uh oh.
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

After much anticipation, the Islanders announced an update to Anders Lee’s status after leaving last night’s game against the Devils with an ugly-looking leg injury.

In typical Islanders and Lou Lamoriello fashion, we learned... not much.

Reading between the lines, though, it is not hard to determine that he suffered a pretty serious injury. “Indefinitely” could mean anything. But if I had to guess, I’d speculate that they suspect a ligament tear and that he’s going for an MRI and further testing just to confirm that. If so, that would almost assuredly mean the end of his season. We will update this post if we learn anything new in the next day or two.

Arthur Staple published an article in which he affirmed that the Islanders are all-in this season and would thus move to the head of the buyers’ line. Taylor Hall, Kyle Palmieri, and others would be on the table. And it seems like Lou would be willing to part with almost any future pick.

I have to agree with that notion. I have read some comments from our wonderful readers that have suggested that the Isles should stand pat, hope for the best, and get ready for next season. But the fact of the matter is that the core of this team—the ones on long-term deals, anyway—is not going to improve. Most of them are right around age 30. Each passing season means that they are more likely to decline, but they are still going to tie up the salary cap; a salary cap, mind you, that may stay flat for up to five seasons. Not to mention any potential expansion draft losses this roster may suffer for next season.

If Lee is done for the season, his cap hit moves to LTIR and the Islanders have some room to play. The time is now for the Islanders. They cannot afford to wait until next year. So ready those trade proposals, folks.