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Islanders News: Streak continues, but Lee injury casts shadow

The win streak reaches seven, but the captain left hurt and it didn’t look good.

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New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders
Rollin’ and smilin’
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There was a moment last night when the Islanders were just dominating and they’d outchanced the Devils a billion to one and I was about to tweet: “New Jersey Sabres.”

But the hockey gods always know when you’re about to be a pompous smartass making a cheap crack on a vacuous social media platform, and sometimes they even warn you before you {send tweet}. The Devils quickly scored two goals. Barry Trotz called a timeout and the Islanders soon got an insurance goal when Brock Nelson was left completely uncovered by New Jersey’s Sabresque defense.

It was a comfortable win with a few late blemishes, but it may be remembered for something else, depending on how badly Anders Lee is hurt. There was no update after the game — “being evaluated” — which I take to be a bad sign. Not that it’s any worse a sign than the way Lee tried to crawl off the ice, and couldn’t really put weight on his right leg.

Islanders News

  • About last night: [LHH | Happy to see fans again: Isles | Newsday | Post]
  • More on having fans, all of them healthcare workers and families, back in the building. [Isles | Newsday] Neil Best on a return to “normalcy” [Newsday]
  • Anxiety for Lee as we await an update. [Newsday]
  • If Lee is out long-term, are we obliged to declare an Arthur Staple Jinx? This good feature on Lee’s change in offseason training posted about four hours before Lee was helped off the ice. [Athletic]
  • Or maybe we call it the Dom Luszczyszyn Jinx? He’s more used to Islanders fan ire. “One of the biggest reasons for the Islanders’ success is the strength of its top line and top pair...Barzal, Lee and Eberle currently rocking an expected goals percentage of 64.1 percent, the fifth-highest among forward lines.” [Athletic]
  • Very cool: Joe talks to the creator of that amazing Islanders version of “Where’s Waldo?” which has 67 Easter eggs. [PT Isles podcast]
  • The first seven games are sold out (at the reduced capacity). [Isles]

Lots of ways to paint the dominance last night, but this was a fun mid-game (second intermission, I believe) tweet:


Other NHL scores last night included the Bruins (and Halak) shutting out the Rangers, the Capitals beating the Flyers and the Penguins pushing the Sabres winless streak to nine. Also, the Flames won in Darryl Sutter’s return.

  • Gary Bettman addressed media for his “state of the league” and no, TSN, you won’t get to have your all-Canada division next season. [NHL]
  • His deputy also acknowledged that the draft lottery rules will be tweaked again, though they wouldn’t say how. [NHL]
  • The league is focused on a return to normalcy...and revenues. [Sportsnet]
  • In the meantime, they still hope to ease cross-border quarantine rules because NHL Trade Deadline > Public Health Policy. [TSN]
  • Darryl Sutter’s former players discuss whether he can make magic happen again in Calgary. [Sportsnet]
  • Jordan Binnington, who bet on himself after a meteoric rookie season and Stanley Cup win, has inked a six-year, $36 million extension. [NHL | Sportsnet]
  • Ken Holland, who I forget is the Oilers GM, discusses the team’s plans and options, and RNH’s pending free agency. [Sportsnet]
  • They’ve invested a lot into him, so the Senators need to prioritize getting him back on track. [Sportsnet]