FIG Picks: Isles @ Columbus, Oct. 21

Beau Diddley gave Chicago the blues Tuesday as the first of many to stomp on the Little Flower, who by the end looked less like a Vezina goalie than the Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza looks like a Rodin. Leading the FIG folk were papabear17, who like Matt Martin made an impactful season debut in game three, and IowaIslesFan, who picked only one skater in what some call the boldest play in the Hawkeye State since Harold Hill declared there was trouble in River City. I'll take this chance to remind everyone that you're allowed to select three Isles each game, ranked from first choice to third. Thus, a slate of Turgeon, Thomas, Hogue would earn 10, 5 and 2, respectively, for potting the initial Isles goal.

Game 3 (@Chi) Results
FIG: Anthony Beauvillier
FIG points:


Dan Va



IheartBoychuksPuck	12
IowaIslesFan 10
nyisles4in4 10
papabear17 10
The Committee ... 10
Dan VA 5
Doc_Ad 5
DoctorOsty 5
gordpike 5
NHterp 5
wrapper1965 5
zack779 5
AntoNYIsles 0
Blast Hardcheese 0
bodokid 0
Bossy 66 0
CC53 0
Clarence Swamptown 0
Commenter 69420 0
Diggy_PA 0
Dylan Osty 0
jjbiii 0
just another bandwagoner0
Kellen Osty 0
Mulligan 43 0
NorthSeaIsleFan 0
Psi*Psi 0
SafeArbour 0
St. Dick 0
tanTrum 0
Turgfan77 0
viktorkoren 0
Wheatkngs 0
YerpKing 0
3milesisles 0

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