FIG Picks: Isles @ Florida, Oct. 16

Let's go to the video tape! After a lengthy review on their Betamax, the puck poohbahs at Toronto HQ deemed (correctly) that Dean Youngblood Mat Barzal had indeed snuck one over the line, earning points for eight fine folks. Top honors on the night went to FIG rookie IheartBoychuksPuck and The Committee to Rename the Bayard Cutting Arboretum the Al Arbouretum, whose eponymous organization deserves all our support. Also among the pack breaking away from the pointless peloton were defending world champeen gordpike and FIG dynasty founder DoctorOsty.

Important notes:

  • The FIG pick posts will be found here on the Fan Posts page for the rest of the year. Things seemed to work fine last night, and it frees Dan, Steven et al. from having to create a page each gameday morn. I'll try to have the post up on gameday eve, as it were, with the exception of back-to-backs.
  • One thing I forgot to mention in the rules is that you are able to change your picks prior to puck drop. To do so, reply to your original comment, enter your new picks on the top line as normal and then leave a noticeable note below so I don't miss it. Try to use this power sparingly as it muddies up my points-tallying regimen, but I understand the need to respond to late scratches or the sudden inspiration that it's gonna be Boss Ross' night.
  • Please alert me if there are any errors in the daily scoring or overall standings. My abacus, unlike myself, is not infallible.

Game 1 (@Car) Results
FIG: Mat Barzal

The Committee to Rename the Bayard Cutting Arboretum the Al Arbouretum








Current Standings

IheartBoychuksPuck	10
The Committee ... 10
Doc_Ad 5
DoctorOsty 5
gordpike 5
nyisles4in4 5
wrapper1965 5
zack779 5
AntoNYIsles 0
Blast Hardcheese 0
bodokid 0
Bossy 66 0
CC53 0
Clarence Swamptown 0
Commenter 69420 0
Dan VA 0
Diggy_PA 0
Dylan Osty 0
jjbiii 0
Kellen Osty 0
NHterp 0
NorthSeaIsleFan 0
Psi*Psi 0
SafeArbour 0
tanTrum 0
Turgfan77 0
viktorkoren 0
YerpKing 0

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