Feels Like the '70's

I remember the moment I became an Islander fan.

Late one night when I was supposed to be asleep in bed, I lay awake desperately trying to maintain the signal on my transistor radio. I was llistening to that now epic Game 7 of the 1975 quarterfinal against the Penguins, when the Isles were down 0-3 and came roaring back to claim the series. Eddie Westfall scored the lone goal in the third period to complete the miracle comeback. At an impressionable age, how could one not fall in love with this team? It seemed that singular game was the turning point to a young, up and coming franchise.

I then lived and died with them for the next five years as the Islanders clawed their way up the NHL food chain to finally hoist their first of four straight Cups in 1980. This current rendition of the team feels remarkably similar.

They’re well coached, play that ‘greasy’ style that offers their slim chance at success (translation: it’s not pretty, but it works), and have a bunch of grinders who ‘do their job’ with a smattering of skill players to generate the odd goal that is usually the difference in a game. They may not win a Cup this year but they appear to be on a similar path that is so reminiscent of the late ’70’s. They just need to secure that one true sniper - that ‘Mike Bossy’ - that can bring them to the brink.

The next couple of years, together with that sweet new venue the're building, could be very exciting. In the meantime, continue to enjoy! Looks like we have a good chance to get this series with the Flyers, which in my mind secures a successful season – something to build off of for sure. Anything more? Pure gravy.

"Yes, Yes, Yes!"

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