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New York Islanders vs. Rangers [Mid-season Preseason End-of-July Game Thread]

It’s the end of the regular season! It’s the preseason! It’s something before the playoffs that aren’t yet the playoffs!

NHL: FEB 25 Rangers at Islanders
Feeling less distant
Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New York Islanders will play both goalies, they’ll use “95%” of their expected playoff-opening lineup, they’ll try to “up the pace,” and they’ll hit some guys with real feeling.

The Rangers are on the other side, both are in Toronto, and this is their one and only shot to work off the game rust before the best-of-five qualifying series begin.

The Smurfs will start Ilya Sorokin’s friend and soon-to-be rival in goal before being replaced by the other #30.

On this second night of The Return, all eyes will be on this one as it’s a national broadcast too. Be kind to one another and enjoy.