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Lighthouse Lookback - Jason Podollan

This chat is one of the reasons why this podcast exists

The whole premise of Lighthouse Lookback is catching up with former Islanders whether they have played one game or hundreds with the franchise. Well, Jason Podollan did the former.

Podollan, drafted by the Florida Panthers 31st overall in the 1994 NHL draft, played 41 NHL games with four different teams. Of the 41 games, the forward played one game with the Islanders in the 2001-02 season. He shares why a second call-up from Bridgeport never happened.

Prior to his time with the organization, Podollan was traded from Florida to Toronto for a former Islanders fan favorite in 1997.

Jason shares why he got back into the game after retiring at 30, as his failure turned out to be one of life’s greatest gifts.