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Linked in Ink: Robin Lehner shows off new Long Island tattoo

That looks like it hurt.

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via @RobinLehner

No, Robin Lehner doesn’t play for the Islanders any more. Yes, we’ve been over it a million times.

But his link to Long Island after the storybook season he, the team and the fans experienced last year is something no one will never forget.

Especially now. Damn, dude. That’s hard core.

Lehner announced the new ink via his Twitter account, along with the following heartfelt note:

Forever imprinted a place that means the world to me and Where I started my new journey. Tribute to a great place filled with great people. Will forever love the island. Chicago has followed suit.

Negotiations between Lou Lamoriello and Lehner’s camp might not have gone the way the goalie wanted, but Long Island is clearly still on his mind at least a little. Or maybe a lot. (I would assume the Blackhawks’ unlikely playoff push takes up a a larger percentage of space).

That looks like it hurt. At least the artist didn’t draw a map of Manhattan by accident.

Fans hoping to get a closer look at that map (or, at least, the mask that covers most of it), will have to wait until April 2, when the Blackhawks visit Nassau Coliseum in the Islanders’ penultimate game of the regular season.