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Islanders Confidence Poll: Things are pretty alright

A generally pleased bunch, but is that based on what’s to come, or in contrast with the wounds of the past?

Dallas Stars v New York Islanders
Feeling excited as we approach the jump.
Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

Are you confident in the direction of the New York Islanders? That’s a question we asked via FanPulse last week, and it’s one we’ll return to as the season hits its critical stretch.

(Thanks to all of you who participate. If you’d like to join these weekly polls — usually just one quick question each Wednesday — then sign up here.)

Thus far, Islanders fans who are Lighthouse readers generally believe in the team’s direction, though not as much as fans of some of our Metro foes. (More on that later.) We are definitely still enjoying the honeymoon of Barry Trotz bringing structure, discipline and the novel concept of awareness of the defensive zone.

How’s my driving? Dial 1-888...

It’s likely there is also some halo remaining on Lou Lamoriello bringing “culture,” structure and “clean-shaven faces” to the organization, though if there are doubts or simmering questions, they likely relate to his roster construction and love of checking line types who lack offensive upside. As the trade deadline nears, we’ll see if that pressure increases.

The team’s record will also affect that view; the Isles had a difficult January but have come out of the All-Star Break playing reasonably well. Mood: guardedly optimistic. But we’ll see where the next poll’s confidence lands after some tough opponents and a busy schedule this month.

Meanwhile, how are other teams’ fans feeling? Well that depends, but the Rangers’ results showed an optimism that indicates some sort of Stockholm Syndrome...they were somehow more confident in their team than you are in yours. Meanwhile, Devils fans are more resigned to their lot in life, 2019-20:

But that’s like 50% yes!

For contrast, elsewhere in the Metro there are the signs of several teams that have surged and put the Islanders in a fight for third place or the wild card. Flyers fans, for example, are over the moon after Gritty’s acquittal:

These are all just initial surveys, of course. And like any opinions, they may be swayed by the phases of the moon. But as we do more of them, we’ll have more data-points-in-time to discuss, recall and laugh at, so thanks again for participating.

You can see all of our sibling sites’ results as they come in at the NHL FanPulse super group. And again, if you’d like to join the weekly Isles- and NHL-focused polls as an Islanders fan, just sign up here.