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Islanders Gameday News: Captain & Tonelli, 27 will keep us together

The Islanders prepare to retire Tonelli’s number, while keeping it alive for a guy who may eclipse his totals

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1980 Quarter Finals: Boston Bruins v New York Islanders
Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images

John Tonelli will gratefully and graciously receive a cherished honor tonight that pays tribute to just how important he was to the NHL’s last ture dynasty and the only team to ever win 19 playoff series in a row.

However you feel* about this in terms of perhaps retiring too many numbers — and I’m here for that discussion**, just probably not today — he was an absolute beast and key cog for a team of legends.

*Although the other night I saw six — SIX! — retired number banners in Colorado, reflecting about 20 years of history and a Bruins legend who spent a little over a season with the team. So.

**Speaking of which, retiring numbers in a league that only allows 1-99 on jerseys has always been a proposition that, like fossil fuels, exurban sprawl and space junk, was a inevitable problem we inherently punt to future generations who have to deal with it after we’re dead. Eventually, assuming the league survives and apocalypse and asteroids are averted, teams will have to figure out how to recycle or reinstate numbers. Or expand to three* digits.

***In which Josh Ho-Sang’s grandson dons the number 666.

Honestly, though Tonelli’s team helped make him #legend, he’s right to note that Anders Lee deserves to keep their “shared” number for many reasons, including the fact Lee shares many traits with Tonelli. And considering Lee, with 484 regular season games and 169 goals in an Islanders uniform, is likely to one day eclipse Tonelli’s totals (594 and 206, respectively), I could see a day well in the future where they raise a 27 banner for Lee, too.

Anyway, the celebration is tonight. Hopefully the Red Wings are weak enough to make it a proper party. Ceremony begins at 6:30, game begins at 8:00.

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Islanders News

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  • Tonelli scored some huge goals in Islanders history, including both key goals in the Dynasty-saving 1982 first-round series against the Penguins. His exhale at this point in his post-game interview says it all. Dan will have something later this morning on how Tonelli’s shadow was long, even for those who never watched him play live.
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What a sequence:

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