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PTIsles Podcast: Going Greene

Reviewing a bad western trip, and discussing what’s next for Lou Lamoriello after acquiring Andy Greene

“Last Game” Exhibition Hockey Game
Mulling the next move.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In the latest episode of the PTIsles podcast about the New York Islanders, Joe Buono (@IslesBlog) takes a look at the many things that have gone wrong for the Islanders on their western trip. We hear post-game sound from Captain Anders Lee on staying the course and Barry Trotz’s plea to find a way until reinforcements can get healthy.

Later, Joe is joined by IslesBlog contributors Jay Nichols and Rob Taub for a roundtable discussion on the tightening Metro standings, the Andy Greene acquisition and what Lou Lamoriello’s next move will be.

Listen below, or wherever fine podcasts or sold:

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