First ever trip to New York to watch the Isles play

I've never been to NY but I've grown up a die hard Islanders fan living in Michigan. I've been following the team since around 93, as soon as I had a job I was saving my money and catching every game they would play in Detroit. I have driven to see them play the Penguins in the playoffs last year, and now I feel like its finally time to make the pilgrimage and see them in the coliseum while its still there.

I'm planning on driving up on the 20th to catch the game on the 21st. I've already asked reddit what I absolutely need to experience while on Long Island for the first time, and the resounding answer is "get a bacon egg and cheese" so that is currently on my list of things to see and do while I'm in NY.

I wanted to extend my question to LHH, as a first timer in the area is there anything I need to try or see? I plan on staying in Brooklyn (seems to be cheapest place that has a decent hotel reviews), is it better to drive to the arena or take the LIRR? Also does anyone know if I can bring in a very small mirror less camera with a very small pancake lens?

Also if anyone wants to meet up at the game and say hi let me know!

Lets go Islanders!

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