Mat Barzal- What You Doin' Buddy? I Ain't Your Buddy, Guy!

It's all rumors and guesses by the press and the fans on when Mathew Barzal is signing.

However, a lot of the rumors are structured around a "bridge deal" at 6 to 7 million a season. Other rumors state he wants a long term deal in the 9 million a season range.

Sounds good right? Ask yourself this. Is Mat Barzal a top 10 player in the NHL? Is he top 15? Is there fans outside the Island who believe he is top 20? Maybe top 50? Seems like a lot of money for a player many do not even name when they talk about the top stars in the game.

In addition, there is a future ticking time bomb of current Isles player's contracts signed for way past their prime. When their production will not match their contract. This is in the distant future, and getting closer every season. (Andrew Ladd type of current contract.) Players like Brock Nelson, Nick Leddy, Anders Lee, Josh Bailey, Semyon Varlamov, Cal Cutterbuck, Jean-Gabriel Pageau, and Jordan Eberle. Where does this leave the Islanders future? Lou will be long gone when we start mentioning those names and contracts in the same light that we mention Andrew Ladd and Thomas Hickey.

I get it. He can be an exciting player. He can produce. He is a home grown talent like a lot of the current Islanders roster. (There were some good things Garth Snow did do, although many focus on his failures, especially his loyalty to Jack Capuano, and the mere mention of Rick DiPietro's contract.)

Barzal had 59 regular season goals, and 5 career playoff goals. If you look up and down this current roster outside of Lee, who is going to score? The production may not even match the bridge deal, let alone the asking price from his agent.

Very unpopular opinion I would assume from Islanders Nation, but what is he worth in a trade? Could the Islanders get a goal scorer and a prospect in return at less of a cost?

I am not discounting his value to the Islanders. Barzal is a very good player. Maybe the bridge deal makes sense and he continues to develop as a player. Maybe into a player that scores goals. But ask yourself this honest question.

"At 9 million a season, does the production match the stats and analytics?"

I think the answer is there.

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