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Offseason News: Meet the new division, same as the old (Patrick) division

The NHL’s Covid-realignment affects many teams, but the Islanders are still basically in the Patrick Division.

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Kelly Hrudey Catches The Puck
So back in the day, goalies were kind of like shortstops on skates.
Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Talks continue with the NHL and NHLPA about starting the season in January. One thing that seems settled is a four-division alignment to reflect the fact teams won’t be able to go back-and-forth across the U.S.-Canada border next season.

  • The dream of so many Canadian blowhard columnists comes true: There will be a Canada division for the 2021-21 season. [NHL | Sportsnet]
  • But the Islanders? It’s the same-old Patrick/New Atlantic/Metro/Whatever division, but Buffalo and Boston temporarily join the fold. Eight games against each team. The Post’s Larry Brooks says this old-school intradivision play will help expose the Rangers to Real Man Hockey. [Post]
  • Some execs and agents remain skeptical about the proposed mid-January start date that is currently being unofficially spoken of. [TSN]
  • The Isles goalie for much of the Patrick years, Kelly Hrudey didn’t start skating until age 11, and other Stan Fischler notes from his road to the Islanders. [Isles]
  • “It was really hard to watch. You’re losing a friend,” Bret Hedican said. If you’ve ever had a friend mired in alcoholism, you know that exact feeling. Former Islanders forward and excellent Arthur Staple podcast-mate Mark Parrish opens up about battling alcoholism and depression. [Athletic]
  • The Golden Knights are like a Gilded Age factory owner, except instead of abused wage workers they do it with millionaire hockey players. Max Paciorietty is the latest to get the “Oh we loved you yesterday but today you suck.” [Knights on Ice]
  • Many teams’ perceived-by-Forbes values have declined for the first time in 20 years. I wonder why that is? The Islanders, however, have no change in theoretical value because their theoretical value as they prepare to move to Belmont is already baked in. [Forbes]

Speaking of’s shaping up nicely:

I am one of those (rare?) people who never enjoyed the original Mighty Ducks movie. (I was annoyed that we were surrounded by good baseball movies, some classic football movies, yet the only thing we got after Slapshot! was that and Youngblood.) Anyway, I actually find the concept in this preview...engaging?