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Islanders News: Ziggy Palffy memories, NHL still hoping for Jan. 1 start

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The Pulock contract and cap is discussed, while the NHL plans for New Year’s Day.

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Palffy sends puck wide
Palffy and Trefilov
Photo by John Giamundo/Getty Images

The NHL news from the weekend: the league says a Jan. 1 start “remains the objective,” though there is much to be ironed out between negotiating parties and, of course, everything is up in the air. I’ve seen reports of a “home-and-home” schedule and other things, but it’s all speculation at this point.

Until then...

Islanders News

  • Andrew Gross discusses the Ryan Pulock contract and its implications for Mathew Barzal. [Island Ice @ Newsday]
  • Mollie Walker discusses the same as guest of the Hockey Night in NY podcast.
  • Stan Fischler recalls Ziggy Palffy’s scoreless five-game NHL debut, and the potential it foretold. I recall creating him on the EA Sports NHL game and making him an immediate superstar. [Isles]
  • Fun Fact: After returning to Slovakia (must’ve been poisoned by his Penguins experience), Palffy played through age 40. [HockeyDB]
  • Best fan moment of a year that sadly had too few of them:


  • Every team graded by contact efficiency. [Athletic]
  • Young NHL player agent and freind to many NHL stars, Bayne Pettinger comes out; perhaps the positive reception will pave the way for players. [Athletic]
  • Six teams that might be something or might be nothing, it’s tough to say. [Down Goes Brown @ Athletic]

R.I.P., Alex Trebec.