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Islanders News: Revisiting history, plotting next season

Recalling the day Pat LaFontaine and Brent Sutter were both sent elsewhere.

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Denis Brodeur Collection
When I heard about the trades, I got my jersey out, put my roller skates on, and went to the basement to play as Pierre Turgeon.
Photo by Denis Brodeur/NHLI via Getty Images

Nothing new from the Islanders, though the NHL continues to try to anticipate and plan how it’s going to pull off next season. Regardless, some fun “this day in history” pieces from the weekend, including the day the always-strapped franchise cast two key pieces away, over money.

Islanders News

A recent “this day in history”: When the Islanders named Patrick Flatley captain in 1991. They needed a new one, because they’d just traded Brent Sutter (and Pat was a rough October). Thankfully, Bill Torrey got good return on both. [Isles]

I’ll never forget that day, and that evening...I went through all the stages of grief at an accelerated pace and by the end of the evening I was in the basement in my Isles jersey playing as Pierre Turgeon.

  • The other day in history: In 1983 the Islanders scored three goals in 27 seconds against the {snickers} Rangers. [Isles]
  • And on this date last year, Nick Leddy scored on a penalty shot.
  • Meanwhile, Stan Fischler digs further into history, with Bill Torrey’s origin story. He was a university player and college broadcaster who dreamed of playing for the Canadiens. Instead, he one-upped their last dynasty. [Isles]
  • Just look at all these teams in cap hell hahaha— oh, wait, the Islanders are one of them. [Sportsnet]
  • Speaking of which, how are Islanders fans feeling now? The latest Hockey Night in New York podcast.
  • Have we done enough #arenarendering hype? Here are more renderings as the promo push continues. [Newsday] Technology, and tradition, shall be the word. [Venues Now]
  • Anastasia, the teen who has Radar the guide dog, is aiming for the Tokyo paralympic games. [Fox 5]


  • File Under: Not Remotely Surprising. The league spoke with the general managers, and Bill Daly concedes there are a ton of challenges to starting the 2020-21 season. They continue to act like Jan. 1 is a real target date though. A 14-day training camp with perhaps 35-player rosters. Shortened season maybe (surely). [NHL | Athletic | Post]
  • Mike Hoffman’s agent is working the publicity circuit, saying his client has tons of interest but would take a one-year deal (at the right price, in the right situation). What would it take to have you drive this car home today? [NHL]
  • Those Hawks stars better just accept the rebuild and help it along. [NHL]
  • Linus Ullmark and the Sabres are the latest to avoid an arbitration hearing. [NHL]
  • Todd Bertuzzi apologizes for being a cantankerous difficulty to the media. [Post]