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Islanders News: Lou rules, Oliver refines, arbitration season approaches

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Brian Burke discusses how after all this time, no one knows Lou Lamoriello.

New York Islanders v Buffalo Sabres
Learning overseas
Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s Wednesday, and that’s half the battle.

Islanders Reading

Brian Burke has a new book (written by Stephen Brunt) about his life in hockey, which Sportsnet is very much pushing. In it he discusses his long, 40-plus year relationship with Lou Lamoriello — and how still doesn’t really “know” him — via this excerpt at Sportsnet:

“When you were around Lou, just when you started to think things were getting a little more personal and intimate—and even those moments were few and far between—the curtain would always come down.”

(Also referenced in book promos: Of course Pat Verbeek is the one who asked Burke to get rid of Brass Bonanza. Cheap, dirty “ball of hate.”)

  • Playing in Sweden, Oliver Wahlstrom is working on various parts of his game. He says his nine-game NHL stint was “amazing and really helped [him] understand what [he] needed to work on.” [Athletic]
  • More coverage of Anders Lee’s offseason media scrum. (See other highlights in yesterday’s bits.) [Post]
  • Prospect Report: How are the pups who are able top lay right now faring overseas? [Isles]
  • Yesterday in Islanders history: Bryan Trottier’s #19 is finally, officially retired. [Isles]
  • The Islanders have made a big donation to Elmont schools. They’ll soon be neighbors. [Long Island Weekly]
  • The Islanders site is having you vote for various awards, and this one is about OT playoff winners. [Isles]


  • Did we already share this? The IIHF World Junior Championship schedule has been released. That may be the next highly competitive hockey many of us see. [IIHF]
  • The NHL GMs will “meet” Friday, with how the hell they’re going to do this season, exactly, on the agenda. [Athletic]
  • In case it wasn’t already abundantly clear to the Hawks’ aging stars, the team is in a rebuild. [TSN]
  • The answer is still no.
  • As arbitration season begins, the Leafs avoided a hearing with Ilya Mikheyev, who “decided to step off a little bit” to help the team fit under the cap. And that quote shall determine our song of the day. [Sportsnet | TSN]

Song of the Day

Steppin’ off, steppin’ out, what’s the difference? From the middle of the Isles dynasty run: