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The Tao of Trotz: Coach says make your bed in the morning

More life advice from the Islanders’ resident Buddha.

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2019 NHL Awards - Portraits
This man is a winner.
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In his year-and-a-half as Islanders coach, Barry Trotz has dramatically changed the franchise’s culture and mindset. But the players aren’t the only ones benefiting from the coach’s philosophies.

Fans and observers can also take away messages from Trotz’s pre- or post-game press availabilities that they can then use to better their own lives. This Tao of Trotz (which I’ve been chronicling off-and-on since the beginning of last season) can help anyone in life, love, business, relationships, work; you name it. I mean, if this guy can transform the New York Islanders into a methodical, highly competitive hockey team, we all should be listening to him.

A good example was posted by NHL Network on Monday, prior to the Islanders’ 1-0 win over the Avalanche that evening. Host Jackie Redmond took questions from Twitter users for a segment called “LIFE COACH with Barry Trotz” and one seemingly innocuous one was turned into an easy-to-remember life tip by the coach.

The Life Lesson: Make Your Bed in the Morning.

Redmond: “Is it imperative that I make my bed each morning? Is that actually a key to success?”

Trotz: “I don’t know if it’s a key to success, but I will tell you this. And I do that. Every morning, I get up and I make my bed, is the first thing I do. What it does is it gets you ready for the day, that you can say, ‘I’ve accomplished something already.’ You’re already productive right away. So I wouldn’t say it’s the key to success, but it puts your mind in the right direction to have success that day.”

The full video segment is packed with other advice about workplace happiness, playing hockey with more speed, and staying positive throughout life. It’s worthy of your three minutes today or any day.

I told my daughter last night about the making the bed idea and, for what it’s worth, this morning, she took the time to make her’s. I’m not sure if that will continue but Coach Trotz has clearly already made an impression. We’re all disciples now.

A few more of my favorite general Tao of Trotz messages from the last season-and-change:

“Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Lets get into the game.” - November 18, 2018

“If you don’t use your talent correctly, then your talent is useless.” - March 3, 2019

“Sometimes you have to fail a little bit to have success.” - April 11, 2019

“When you’re focused and you’re prepared and you’re calm, you’re gonna have success.” - April 13, 2019

“Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” - May 2, 2019

“When the door opens, you either step in and join the party or you get kicked out for non-participation.” - October 12, 2019

“You don’t have a license to do less, you have a responsibility to do more. - October 12, 2019

For now, we leave you with two final words from the coach: Chicken Broth.