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[Bits] Roberto Luongo to the rafters (in Florida)

Also: It’s Mitch Marner Rumor Week (again).

Roberto Longo Guards The Net
When you were young...
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

As a goalie bound for the Hall of Fame — minus a voter-imposed waiting period for “not winning it all,” no doubt — Roberto Luongo was iconic in two places. He should have been iconic in only one; with a little patience, those other two wouldn’t even be factors.

Flashback to when he was 20 years old. Here’s the AP story...:

Judging by his NHL debut, the New York Islanders made the right move in making Roberto Luongo the highest drafted goalie in NHL history.

Luongo, the Islanders’ first pick and fourth overall in 1997, stopped 43 shots to lead the Islanders past the red-hot Boston Bruins 2-1 on Sunday night.

”This is hopefully a huge step for me,” said Luongo. “I’ve waited my whole life for this.”

Yeah, about that.

Anyway, the franchise that knew him longest, on two separate tenures, will honor Luongo by retiring his number. [Litter Box Cats | NHL]

Sharing This Only Because You Will Hear About It

It’s “source tells me Team X considering offer sheet to Mitch Marner” time again! You likely saw these the other day, but if not now you know where the latest “hey, somebody was sayin’ somethin’ about Marner?” silliness is coming from — an obscure podcaster and a rather well-known Leafs-centric writer:

Note that neither of these indicates Marner would actually sign one...just that teams would sure like to try! (shock!)

The only appropriate response, really:

  • “We know that the number of passes before a shot influences the shooting percentage, as do the number of offensive zone passes.” So can we use new passing data to get a decent expected goals model based on pre-shot movement? [Hockey-Graphs]
  • His owner doesn’t really believe in contracts, but Hurricanes GM Don Waddell has a new contract for three years. [NHL]
  • In announcing that news, Waddell said Justin Williams is still undecided on returning for next season. That feels like a “eh, heart/body isn’t quite in it.” [NHL]
  • Rasmus Ristolainen’s name continues to swirl in trade rumors. But was he miscast or misused in Buffalo all this time? [TSN]
  • Tough break for the Flames as up-and-coming defenseman Juuso Valiamaki has suffered an ACL tear. [NHL]
  • From over a week ago, but still: Travis Green with a reality check: “Loui, I respect his career. I know he wants to probably play better than he has and have more success for himself. But I still have a job to do. And my job is to put the best team on the ice and play guys I see fit — and not just based on salaries.” [Sportsnet]
  • The wrongful death suit brought by the widow of former NHL enforcer Todd Ewen could last three weeks. [TSN]
  • It must be “Will The Leafs Pick a Captain?” season. [TSN | NHL]
  • From the NHL’s “Inside Look” series...the Oilers: Now Under New Management [NHL]