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Islanders News: Station Delay, Holmstrom revisited

The Islanders’ first-round pick hopes to be NHL-ready before the Belmont arena is.

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NHL: JUN 21 NHL Draft
“Hello sir, will you come to our next arena announcement?”
Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you rearranged your Monday schedule to hear Gov. Cuomo talk about a new LIRR station at Belmont Park, site of the planned Islanders arena, sorry: That event has been delayed.

But worry not, the thing is going forward, and the latest good news is to expect something else Monday: Empire State Development has scheduled a meeting of its directors at 3 p.m. to seek “authorization to accept and approve” the Final Environmental Impact Statement, which represents a significant step towards the beginning of construction of the $1.18 billion plan [LIBN]

Also Islanders News

Simon Holmstrom is recovered from his two draft-year injuries and is fancying the North American style of play. [NHL]


  • How the Alex Galchenyuk gamble works out will be pivotal for the Penguins. [PensBurgh]
  • In NHL free agency, it’s a good bet that most long-term contract will end in either buyout or heartbreak (or both). [NBC Sports]
  • As expected and pledged, the Hurricanes matched the Canadiens offer sheet to (the other) Sebastian Aho. The NHL decided to use highlights of him in a Whalers uniform to accompany the story. [NHL]
  • The Sabres signed Marcus Johansson for two years. [Die By The Blade]
  • The Flames still need to shed some cap to re-sign their RFAs. No, please don’t talk to me about James Neal. [Calgary Sun | Pro Hockey Rumors]
  • The Coyotes are hoping things are looking up now that they have Kessel and Soderberg. [NHL]
  • The day with the Cup in Saskatoon. [NHL]

Stupid News Elsewhere

Where to begin? Noted media tool Steve Simmons floated in his Sunday column that Don Cherry — HE’S AN INSTITUTION YOU KNOW — wouldn’t be back for his long-running, only sometimes xenophobic Coach’s Corner spot on HNIC.

Apparently, and not for the first nor the hundredth time, Simmons was wrong. Cherry was displeased.

“My friend” the Korean dictator I mean Taranna columnist, why didn’t he call me? SAD.

  • Also in stupid news, Long Island’s own Sonny MIlano (Blue Jackets) and AJ Greer (Avalanche) were arrested for their role in a brawl over a bar tab. Favorite detail: Victim injured his bicep. [Post | Cannon | Athletic]
  • NOT HOCKEY, BUT: If you didn’t follow the women’s FIFA World Cup, you missed some things. [SB Nation]