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Islanders News: Belmont or Bust, No Jersey Tuck-Ins

And Walhstrom: “I like the hockey, it’s smarter, guys are awesome, guys who took me in. When I got [to Bridgeport] I felt like myself again.”

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New York Islanders v Minnesota Wild
Thank heavens that man has the right tape, no jersey tucks, and no family in the locker room. That’s just how you win.

July mercifully comes to an end today, so the main Islanders news to break your quiet is: No really, Belmont is happening.

Jon Ledecky (and the Original And Cup-Winning JT, John Tonelli) chatted with season ticket holders and assured, once again, that the Belmont arena is happening.

  • Bless him, Arthur Staple projected not only the opening lineup but the depth chart down through Bridgeport and Worcester. [Athletic]
  • Oliver Wahlstrom is hoping for a second WJC trip. Assuming he’s not up with the Isles, of course. But he loved his brief time in the AHL so far: “I like the hockey, it’s smarter, guys are awesome, guys who took me in. When I got [to Bridgeport] I felt like myself again [NHL]
  • “Ashleigh and Keith Campbell of St. James already have season tickets to the Islanders, but thanks to their son Charlie’s bedroom, they can support the team all year long.” [Newsday]
  • ICYMI: It’s mostly about a guy who signed a 13-year deal and is now worried that his team, you know, can’t contend, but also includes Zach Parise waxing poetic about Lou Lamoriello’s rules [Athletic]:

“But I learned from the Lou rules. No social media. No facial hair. You couldn’t tape over the stripes in your socks. You had to use the same color tape as your socks. We didn’t use clear tape, so if we were wearing white, we had to use white tape. For red we had to use red tape. No jersey tuck-ins. Fully shaven and suits all the time on the road. No jeans. Shirt and tie traveling all the time. You didn’t pick your number. Everyone was numbered one through whatever. Broadcasters weren’t on the plane. No one’s allowed in the locker room. There’s certain times, yes, but no parents, kids, guests most of the time. Even when you’re injured, you had to be done with your treatment before the team got there. So you had to be out, gone, before the team was. So it got kind of lonely if you were hurt.”


  • Inside the firing of Paul Fenton after just one year as Wild GM. [Athletic]
  • The Lightning acquired Mike Condon from the Senators and offloaded the Ryan Callahan leftover LTIR contract. [NHL | Raw Charge]
  • Talk about zone exits should really include this very important but not-always-simple trick. [Hockey-Graphs]
  • Related: Andrei Vasilevskiy gets an eight-year extension. [Sportsnet]
  • The Penguins and Capitals are both trying to retool while still contending, but going about it in different ways. [Pensburgh]
  • Can the Oilers play McDavid 60 minutes a game? Makes you think. [TSN]
  • This is the same as the news we shared yesterday, with Denis Potvin retiring as a broadcaster. But it’s just...interesting that even the local paper gets only the prepared quotes. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Some of John Tortorella’s Greatest Hits. [Cannon]
  • In case you missed why the Leafs (re)acquired the Ghost of David Clarkson. [Leafs Nation]
  • A longtime reporter asked the wrong (but hardly offensive) question while going through a tough family time, and Twitter was Twitter and crucified her for it. Lessons here. [Daily Herald]