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Nassau County Exec declares July 3, 2019 as “Anders Lee Day.” No, I am not kidding.

That’s pretty cool.

NHLI via Getty Images

It’s been a big week for Islanders captain Anders Lee.

First, he signed a seven-year contract with the team on Monday, the first day of free agency, worth $49 million (that’s a $7 million a year cap hit for those keeping score at home). He himself announced the deal with a(n only slightly profane) Tweet that instantly elevated him to full Islanders Legend™ status, and he and his agent made it clear that there was only one team he wanted to play for.

Then on Wednesday, the Edina, Minnesota native celebrated his 29th birthday. I don’t know what his plans are, but with a newly found $7 million or so bucks to spend, I would assume there would be lots of extra presents or cake involved.

That morning, Lee was given an extra gift by Nassau County executive Laura Curran that didn’t cost him a dime. Curran announced via her own Twitter account that July 3rd, 2019 would officially be proclaimed Anders Lee Day in Nassau County.

There’s even a fancy scroll here that I’m assuming is printed on some old-timey parchment paper by a guy in a powdered wig and buckled shoes using a feather quill pen (or just a laser printer). It uses Lee’s middle name - Mark - so you know it’s important.

If you’ve read this far thinking this was one of our patented Zeitgeist parody posts, I’m sorry to break it to you but this is indeed very real.

All joking aside, this is pretty dope. Lee took over as Islanders captain after the most difficult offseason they’ve ever had and he’s only gained in stature since. He led the team in goals again and got them to 103 points and the second round of the playoffs after their first playoff sweep in over 30 years. His words after his re-signing sent a wave of pride through the fanbase, and his fair deal allows the team to still improve for next season. His tireless charity work (even with THE ENEMY) is an inspiration. There’s a reason Barry Trotz and the coaches named him captain after talking with Lee’s teammates. He’s a guy you want to follow.

And having Nassau County’s leadership being on the team’s side is a nice change of pace, too. Now if we could just get some good news about that whole Belmont arena thing, we’ll be all set...

So congrats, Anders. Hope you enjoy your day and that the fancy writ you have now gets you out of some parking tickets or at least entitles you to some special service at the post office or DMV.