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Islanders News: Work yet to do

The Islanders are “always looking to improve” or something like that.

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2018 NHL Draft - Round One
Thinking about the next move...
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Canada Day is done. U.S. Independence Day is tomorrow. Then all the remaining free agents will scatter to their homes to await training camp PTOs, perhaps?

The Islanders probably have another signing left in them, but whether that inspires or terrifies you is a measure of your optimism or skepticism and how much you view the current regime as different from its predecessor.

Come back for an Islanders Anxiety podcast later this morning.

Islanders News

  • What to make of the Islanders early in free agency? [Athletic]
  • Lou Lamoriello recognizes that the Islanders still have roster work to do. [Newsday]
  • Among that work, in our estimation? Checking in on and pursuing Vegas RFA and KHL MVP Nikita Gusev. [LHH]
  • More notes on the free agent signings. (No Kuhnhackl quotes though.) [Isles]
  • The Islanders signed Group VI free agent Cole Bardreau from the Flyers organization. He’ll be a Bridgeport utility guy. [CT Post | Soundin’ Off]
  • How the Blackhawks landed Robin Lehner: They had no idea he’d be available, but were happy to oblige. [Athletic]


  • If it were truly “cap wizardry” then the Leafs wouldn’t have been in this situation to begin with. But yes, they’ve made the moves necessary to be able to call Mitch Marner’s bluff. [Sportsnet]
  • The Hurricanes are amused that anyone thought the offer sheet to (the other) Sebastian Aho would work. They will match. [News & Observer | NHL | Athletic]
  • But maybe it was all a brilliant ploy to make sure Aho remembers them when he becomes a UFA in five years? [Athletic]
  • Craig Berube got to take the Stanley Cup to his very small hometown, increasingly a rarity in this “my parents paid $540,000 to make me an NHLer” era. [Sportsnet]
  • The Barrie-Kadri-Kerfoot trade: A contrarian view. “Everything [Barrie] does on the ice is focused on scoring, and it’s not like that’s a bad thing, but he can be prone to leaving the defending to others. [PPP]
  • Former Islander assistant Scott Allen was appreciated in Arizona...but not so much that they kept him on. Man, the coaching life seems unforgiving. [Athletic]
  • Pittsburgh sports fans find one athlete a disloyal troublemaker, but Phil Kessel just misunderstood. Hmmm. [Athletic]
  • This won’t end well! The NHL claims Montador’s brain injuries caused by his ‘own lack of due care and fault’ [TSN]