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Islanders News: Breaking down Belmont

Expert analysis: Relax, it’s gonna be great.

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Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders
Waiting for the home away from the home away from home.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You know who’s happiest about the latest Belmont news? Probably Jon Ledecky. Yeah, definitely Jon Ledecky, who spoke with season ticket holders.

Islanders News

  • In their final(?) podcast before a summer break, Dan and Mike discuss the Belmont news and amusing complaints, desired trade targets, and the fun of Toronto’s Marner angst. Dan also previewed a new series for next season: Islanders Award Winners. [Islanders Anxiety]
  • Who’s paying for the (B)Elmont station? Yes it’s mostly the developers, though they aren’t fronting all of their contribution, with $30 million up front followed by $67 to the state in installments over 30 years. [Newsday]
  • More on Belmont, some late adds to yesterday’s bits: Isles Seat podcast with Randi Marshall, and Crain’s NY covering it with nothing new, but fun to see the Islanders in business press.
  • All three area metro teams have created a buzz this offseason, though for the Isles it’s mostly off the ice. [AP]
  • The Sound Tigers schedule is due out today, though openers around the league are already available. [Soundin’ Off]
  • Get and sort lots of minor/prospect stats with this project form Dave MacPherson @davemacp:
  • The Islanders and Smurfs are taking two different approaches to igniting more female youth hockey growth. [Ice Garden]