Playoff FIG Rules, and Congrats to the Regular Season Champion

Congrats to Doctor Osty, FIG dominator.

Ed. note: The following message and tribute is from Mike L., ICanSee4IslesandIsles, our master of FIG ceremonies.

Another year, another First Islanders Goal pick championship for Lighthouse Hockey reader DoctorOsty. And another strong effort by his son, Dylan, who finished just shy of 5th place. The Osty Empire is well-entrenched. Who amongst us can repel firepower of this magnitude?!

Oh sorry... Showing my son Return of the Jedi for the first time.

Anyways, congrats Doc! The trophy is yours. Congrats to everyone else on a great year, too, made even greater by the need to do a playoffs version of this contest.

To that end, and as explained in one of the FIG competition posts near the end of the season, we will try a different format for however much longer the Islanders are playing hockey. If it catches on, we might use this for the regular season next year.


Meanwhile, here are the (very different) rules for our playoff FIG contest. Pay attention! (And enjoy.)

1) Everyone can make three guesses at who the FIG will be. Guesses can be separated by comma, dash, space, pretty much anything that will keep the three names separate.

2) LAST NAMES ONLY. No nicknames, no misspellings, no first names. Because there will be far more winners, I will only do a word search with the last name. If it doesn't come up because you didn't follow this rule, you don't get points.

3) 10 points will be given if your first guess shown is the correct one. 5 points given if the second guess is the correct one. 2 points if the third guess is correct.

4) THERE ARE NO BONUS POINTS FOR ASSISTS OR CLOSEST TIME. So don't put any of those down. If you really want to show what a smartypants you are, you can write that stuff in the body of the post; just make sure that the subject line has only your three guesses.

5) Only one entry per person, and the entry must be made by 6:59 for all games whose advertised face-off is anywhere between 7:00 and 7:29. By 7:29 for all games starting between 7:30 and 7:59. You get the point.

6) No need to group guesses together like we did before (when you replied to whichever comment had the same FIG guess as you), since everyone is now getting three guesses. Just make a comment, put your three guesses in the subject line, say whatever witty stuff you want in the body of the comment, and post.

That's all. Leg's Go Islanders!

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