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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 87 - Who is the Most Underdog?

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A first birthday party versus a 60-year-old birthday party.

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Mike and Dan preview the Islanders’ second round playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes, with whom they share a lot of similarities if not stylist differences in play.

They discuss the outside perceptions surrounding each franchise, how they’ve each defied the odds this season and what kind of birthday party each would be. They also run through the many x-factors of the series, including a long-ass layoff, the Islanders Vezina Trophy-finalist goalie Robin Lehner and the ghosts of Islanders past.

Finally, they talk about the other playoff series, such as the Bruins beating the Maple Leafs and the Avalanche and Sharks turning back time, and why this year is like a game of NHL ‘94.

With special musical guest Cher.



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Opening theme song: "Sports" by Josh Spacek, available at the

Closing theme song: “Just Like Jesse James” by Cher.

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