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Islanders News: Series begins Friday; Oh, and: you chose...poorly

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It’s official now: The Islanders will begin the second round, while somebody else won’t begin it at all.

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New York Islanders v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Four
Getting kind of tired of playing all by our lonesome, tbh.
Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

If it get to that point two rounds from now, I happen to fear the Islanders’ chances against the Bruins more than I’d fear a matchup with the Maple Leafs.

That said, was I relishing last night, and envisioning an Alanis Morisette-style “You Oughta Know” video set to lowlights of the guy who ditched the Island to join Toronto’s annual crash against the Bruins?

You bet. Sorry for your loss, not sorry.

I’m focused on the next round now, but am happy that the legions of Toronto fans and media who never got the Islanders’ fan perspective nor ever bothered to inquire can now go gently into that golf night. Buh-bye. Go be a trolling arsehole on some...MLB or MLS fanbase now.

Islanders News

  • With all but one series resolved, we now know the Islanders will begin the second round on Friday, either in Brooklyn or D.C. [NHL]
  • And the Islanders are happy that the last one, which determines their next opponent, is going to a Game 7 tonight. [Newsday]
  • They’ve also spent their bye week productively, they think. [Newsday | NHL]
  • You know who’s had an even longer layoff though? Thomas Hickey. He’s ready to roar. [Newsday]
  • As they’ve waited, and watched the other series, their Cup dreams have only intensified. [Post]
  • Josh Ho-Sang scored on a breakaway but the Sound Tigers lost Game 3 in Hershey and now are on the verge of elimination. [BST | CT Post]
  • Kieffer Bellows is feeling his way through his first pro playoff run. [Trentonian]

Cheers to Shannon and family! Now the fun starts.


Last night’s NHL scores included (tee hee) the Leafs losing Game 7 (again) to the Bruins (again) despite their transformational offseason. I would definitely blame the NHL’s unfair playoff format that kept them from drawing the very sweepable 62-win Lightning instead.

Also: insanity in San Jose, where the home team fell behind 3-0, but got a controversial (and awful) major power play halfway through the third period, storming to a 4-3 lead, only to give that up to force overtime, where the Sharks finally prevailed in a legendary Game 7.

  • Despite losing Game 7 to the Bruins again, the Leafs are convinced they were the better team this year (and they’re probably right), which makes it more delicious. [Athletic | LeBrun]
  • They’re not alone. The Jets face a tough cap-navigating offseason. [CP]
  • Where things went wrong for the Lightning. [SB Nation]
  • Some folks are just fine with the current playoff format, thank you. [THN]
  • The Hurricanes have reinvented hockey (again) in Carolina. [ESPN]
  • Patrick Sharp is working hard at his new TV gig. [Athletic]
  • Remembering a 4-OT 1-0 playoff win by Dominik Hasek at the beginning of his rise to the top of the historic goaltending heap. [ESPN]
  • They were arguably robbed in the gold medal game, so Finland’s women’s team will still get a gold medal bonus. [Ice Garden]
  • Here are five guys who did well despite their teams bowing out early. [THN]