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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 86 - We Have a Week

Why wouldn’t you want to be an Islanders fan?

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Islanders Anxiety Art


Mike and Dan relish the Islanders’ first round sweep of the Penguins and how it changes much about the team’s standing, especially among its battered fanbase.

They praise the team’s “Warlock in Goal” and their First Team All-Handsome squad, and try to focus on what the Islanders are rather than what people outside the organization have to say about them. Later, they float an idea for a hockey podcast that someone really needs to make.

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  • Lots of postmortems and reading about the Islanders’ series victory. Here’s Cary and here’s Shayna from The Athletic. And, of course, Arthur Staple.
  • Cary also had a good take on the credit the team is getting (or not getting) for their playoff performance so far. Read the entire thread:
  • Matt Martin put things even more concisely:


  • Tell everyone you can about, the great new website founded by our own Jon and Travis (aka Spizzwolf and North Dakota Red Eagle).
  • And as always, check out for great Islanders merchandise and use the code ANXIETY at the checkout to get 10% off.

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Opening theme song: "Sports" by Josh Spacek, available at the

Closing theme song: “Moving On” by Bad Company.

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