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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 85 - This is Just Organized

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Who takes a helicopter to a hockey game? Honestly...

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Islanders Anxiety Art

Mike and Dan examine the reality of the Islanders being up 3-0 in their playoff series with the Penguins and how grateful they, and presumably the rest of the fans, are to be in that position.

They discuss how all three games have played out both on the ice and off, including helicopter travel, crazy crowds, celebrity sightings, cult hero worship and painful hugs. Later, they lament some of the media coverage the Islanders have (or haven’t) received and set a new record of the amount of Weird Islanders mentioned in a single episode.

Hello, Uncle Leo!

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  • Andrew Gross’s story on Robin Lehner and how his remarkable season means more than you might think to some people.
  • Forgot to mention Sunday’s Tweet of the Day:
  • Here’s the guy from the OT of Game 1 Mike mentions:
  • Mike and Shawn Bates lead the Islanders to victory in Game 2.
  • Kip Miller is one of many short time New York Islanders referenced on this episode.


  • Tell everyone you can about, the great new website founded by our own Jon and Travis (aka Spizzwolf and North Dakota Red Eagle).
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