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One Game, One Play: Game 73 - A Boston Beatdown, Butchie

Butch Goring scores a beauty

Butch Goring back in the day

There are several important lessons we can take away from the Islanders’ 5-0 home loss to Boston Tuesday night. I have no idea what they are, but I’m certain they exist. I encourage you to re-watch that dreadful game when you get a chance and report back to me.

Let’s instead talk about Butch Goring (“Butchie”).

I’m doing this for you young Islanders fans out there. It’s time you learn some history. Way before Butchie became the color commentator for Isles games on MSG Networks, he was an NHL player. A damn fine NHL player.

I’m too young to have seen him play myself, but my dad told me all about him during our many drives to the Coliseum. In fact, my dad used to have a dog (a Great Dane) he named Butchie. So I feel I’m uniquely qualified to show you this ridiculous goal he scored against Boston in Game 6 of the 1983 Prince of Wales Conference Finals:

That’s Hall of Fame defenseman Ray Borque who Butchie schooled before sending a backhand past All Star goalie Pete Peeters. This beauty put the Islanders up 1-0 in a game they won 8-4 thanks to four goals from Mike Bossy. They’d then go on to sweep Edmonton in the Stanley Cup Final to win their fourth consecutive Stanley Cup.

My analysis of this play is as follows: Peeters had no chance on that one, Howie.

See you next time.