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Islanders Gameday News: Walking in 14,000’s shoes

The Islanders get it done — and then some — vs. the Leafs, Boychuk survives a scare, and the Capitals are next.

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NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Islanders
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that sure went nicely.

It’s too bad Islanders fans had to wait until this late in the season to get a chance to properly “thank” John Tavares for the way he went about abandoning the ship he never, ever, ever thought about leaving until like that last moment when everything changed, because that was a loooong time to wait to kind of turn the page.

Then again, maybe it worked out perfectly that this game came at a time when the games are getting increasingly important, because this team has real playoff aspirations.

So while the fans were going to whip up a cathartic playoff-like atmosphere to express what it was like to walk in their shoes, the players — several of whom are Tavares friends, feeling conflicted about the jeering to come — could channel that atmosphere (welcome to the Coliseum, Robin Lehner!) while focusing on playing Trotz Hockey.

The result: magnificent. Balanced scoring. Great D gaps. Scared and wilting Leafs. Solid goaltending. And Tavares — centering the most dangerous Leafs line last night by far — kept off the scoresheet. Definitely some foul language and rebukes at times...thank goodness all 30 other teams have no fans who behave this way, amirite?

Aside: Amid all the drama of the last week, and oblivious outsiders opining on the situation and telling us how to feel without actually bothering to attempt to understand why most Isles fans are pissed, I chuckled to myself at the theater of it all. Because I do think Tavares is a little misunderstood here and some fans are overly harsh; but similarly, I think he completely misunderstands the effect of all his cumulative steps toward departure, and continues to be tone deaf about it.

So I wondered if Pat Brisson and his agency had maybe put a fraction of their energy into preparing Tavares on how to handle his exit, if things would be a little less vitriolic. Like, those 70-page binders per team or whatever they put together to entice him to consider five other teams during that end-of-June made-for-TSN circus? ...If Brisson had maybe even prepared a one-page leaflet on “How to Handle Dumping the Fanbase You Just Spent Three Years Professing Devotion To.” “Step 1: MAYBE WAIT A DAY BEFORE POSTING A CHILDHOOD PIC THAT MAKES IT SEEM THIS WAS YOUR PLAN ALL ALONG.” “Step 2: TRY TO POST YOUR THANK YOU ON SOMETHING MORE THAN A COUPLE NOTEPAD SCREENSHOTS.”

I don’t know, I know that’s not the area of expertise where agents’ commissions are made, but it might’ve helped. (Then again: Think of all the Leafs fan preaching we’d have missed out on!)

Oh yeah, before we get to more of that: Big game tonight, first place on the line as the Capitals visit the Coliseum. Leave your FIG picks here.

Islanders Reading

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They React (and Chant)

Tavares post-game: Funereal. “Nobody’s walked in my shoes...” etc. I know it’s too much to ask because it’s not him, not how his circuitboard is wired, but he could totally alleviate some of the morose aura by sharing a laugh, maybe even acknowledging the theater of it all. (I know it wouldn’t happen after a loss, but perhaps during the pre-game scrum? Maybe?)

Barry Trotz: Playoff atmosphere, no cheat in their game, and good to have the Islanders back (after some rough recent games)

These Two Chants Though

Well done, well done. Funny and celebratory!

Underrated Tweet (If I do say so myself...)

You could’ve joined him, dude.


Last night’s NHL scores include a Columbus OT win over Philly, and a bunch of other games (Boston trounced the Lightning in the Battle of Points Streaks).

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