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New York Islanders at Columbus Blue Jackets

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NHL: New York Islanders at Columbus Blue Jackets Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s your New York Islanders at Columbus Blue Jackets game thread, being typed up while we drive to Long Island to not watch hockey. We’re stuck on the beltway and if I hear “there’s a slow down ahead” one more time then we’re going have a problem. Oh dang it, Siri! The traffic is so bad, Arby’s sounds good. Send help.

Griess is starting for the islanders, and Anders Lee is playing in his 400th game. That’s important enough that the Devils fan in the car already knew about it and had to remind me. Healthly scratches are Ross Johnston, Tom Kuhnhackl, and Luca Sbisa. Thomas Hickey and Andrew Ladd are still MIA.

Bob is starting for the Blue Jackets because apparently they couldn’t get Magi-Korp back into his pokéball.

Also. That canon is terrible. It should be the one sitting in beltway traffic. The end.

Game time is 7:05 pm EST. You can watch it on MSG+.