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Video: How the New York Islanders ice and brilliant orange is made

Everything you wanted to know about how the magic is made, in just over three minutes.

NHL: APR 10 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round - Penguins at Islanders
You don’t just flood it like a lake, you know.
Photo by John McCreary/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This video here? It’s outstanding.

Kudos to the Islanders media/studio team for putting together a really informative and emotive look at how the ice is laid down, lined and cared for, from the inch and a half of ice to the humidity in the building and everything in between.

Beautiful. And while printing creates many of the sponsors and special icons under the ice these days, the NYI is still hand painted due to the “brilliance” of the Islanders orange. The rest of the ice gets three coats of white.

If it doesn’t play for you above, here’s the direct Isles.TV link, and here it is to share via their Twitter account.