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Video: Mathew Barzal can do magic off the ice, too [updated with more magic!]


I love magic. Always have. It fascinates and entertains me to no end. Finding out how the tricks are done and the kind of dexterity and ability and practice one has to do to do them well makes it even more fascinating. My wife and I watch Penn & Teller’s Fool Us every week, we’ve seen them live on Broadway and we try to take in what we can when a magician is nearby.

That’s different from the kind of magic Mathew Barzal normally performs on a nightly basis for the Islanders. But in this new video from, the star center gets to perform a little stage magic with magician Justin Flom.

Watch as Flom and Barzal make some potentially messy soda disappear.

Yeah, that suit probably costs more than that hotel room so it’s a good thing Mat didn’t mess it up.

That trick is cute and all but last night, Barzal made Flyers goalie Carter Hart disappear! Let’s see you pull that one off, Mr. Magician.

Update: Wait! There’s more!

Here’s some more of Justin Flom’s stuff. He’s performed on CBC, The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Late Show with Seth Myers and a bunch of other places.