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NEW PODCAST! My Favorite Islanders Game - Episode 1 - One of Us Forever

In a new podcast from Lighthouse Hockey, Islanders fans from around the globe share their most memorable game experiences.

Welcome to a new new podcast from Lighthouse Hockey - My Favorite Islanders Game. This show will feature Islanders fans sharing the stories of their their most memorable game experiences via our 24/7 hot line.

Our first episode includes a shootout against a high-powered rival, a connection forged between father and son, a regal memory of one of the team’s most important games, and a game that turned out to be a fateful one years later.

Thanks very much to Mike, Rish, Josh, Mike, Keith and Jerry for their calls. We hope (please...) to hear from more Islanders fans for future episodes.

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Theme song: “Do It” by James Patrick Taylor, available at