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Islanders Fans, Join NHL FanPulse or We’ll Play This Grizzled Veteran in the Top Six

We’re taking your opinions and shoving them back into your face through the magic of charts and math.

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Detroit Red Wings v New York Islanders
That’s right, you alone can determine whether we put him on the power play.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You spend every day debating fellow New York Islanders fans about the direction of the team and the state of the league, often in the comments here at Lighthouse Hockey

It’s about time we quantify that for you.

Lighthouse Hockey is joining a new(ish) project called SB Nation FanPulse. If you’d like to weigh in, then SIGN UP HERE to join us: you’ll be among a hand-selected group from SB Nation NHL who answers quick polls each week developed by SB Nation hockey managers and editors.

The idea is to build the definitive poll of informed NHL fans — a wisdom of the crowd if you will — while also giving us topics to chew each week. Your votes will be anonymous, though if you join, you’re welcome to debate the topics in comments here (as you already do).

The results of each poll will be published here at Lighthouse Hockey and may also appear on, along with the results from other team sites.

This project was started on SB Nation’s NFL sites last season, so here are examples of how it’s played at the network’s Giants and Jets blogs (and I know nothing about football, so I apologize if these topics or juxtaposition thereof trigger something in you):

To get things kicked off for the NHL version of FanPulse, we’re starting with two general questions: Which two 2018-19 playoff teams are going to miss the dance this year, and which two teams from outside the playoffs last spring will make the 2019-20 post season? Have an opinion? Sign up here as we’d love to hear it!

We’ll bill you later.