Possible Isles Fan Meetup - Jersey Style

So, one of our recent comment subthreads (start here, scroll down) mentioned how many of us are currently New Jersey residents - living our humble lives deep in the world of Rangers/Devils/Flyers boosters, rooting for the Isles in a foreign land, maybe giving a quick thumbs up whenever we catch sight of the occasional blue/orange hat... and dammit that's the Mets or Knicks, isn't it, crap, well, LGI anyway.

With our Islanders actually playing good, first-place hockey, we should emerge from the shadows. Even if for one night, we should stand up and be counted, preferably around some dinner and drinks and lots of friends, possibly with the game on.


Comments are open - we should come up with as central a location as possible to pull in folks... somewhere around Edison sounds about right, and near to one of the three dozen hundred main highways. Should we also want to watch hockey during this shindig, the following weekend dates have Isles games scheduled:

  • Saturday 2/09 vs. Colorado (1 pm)
  • Sunday 2/10 vs. Minnesota (3 pm)
  • Saturday 2/16 vs. Edmonton (7 pm)
  • Saturday 2/23 @ Vancouver (10 pm ... ehhhhhhh)
  • Friday 3/01 vs. Washington (7 pm)
  • Sunday 3/03 vs. Philadelphia (3 pm)
  • Saturday 3/09 vs. Philadelphia again (7 pm)
  • Saturday 3/16 @ Detroit (1 pm)
  • Sunday 3/17 @ Minnesota (6 pm)
  • Saturday 3/23 @ Philadelphia (1 pm)
  • Sunday 3/24 vs. Arizona (3 pm)
  • Saturday 3/30 vs. Buffalo (7 pm)
  • Saturday 4/06 @ Washington (7 pm)
The floor is open.

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