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Islanders News: Our beautiful son is all grown up

He had an extremely successful first All-Star weekend.

2019 Honda NHL All-Star Game - Metropolitan v Central
This goal was scored 22 seconds into the final round.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Mathew Barzal is all grown up and it makes me want to cry. He was part of the most impressive line on the victorious division’s team, and his two linemates couldn’t heap enough praise on him for his role on it. It was really quite something to hear and see, and Barzal looked like he belonged.

Islanders News

  • Did I mention that one of his linemates was Sidney Crosby? Because he was. He and Penguins teammate Kris Letang accompanied Barzal through the entirety of the competition. [Newsday]
  • And he was no third wheel. The two Pittsburgh All-Stars credited Barzal as the driving force, especially in the championship game. In fact, they were excited to play with him as soon as they found out he’d be on their line. Crosby, who won All-Star MVP, called him the best 3-on-3 player in the league. [NHL]
  • As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now through context clues, the Metro won the All-Star tournament, and Barzal was one of the highlights with his 6 points overall. [Newsday | Islanders]
  • VIDEO: I’ve watched this video a few times already, and I can’t get over how relaxed and well-spoken Barzal is. He is speaking to the NHL Tonight crew during the post-game festivities. [Islanders]
  • VIDEO: And same thing in this, the post-game scrum in the locker room speaking to the media. He said everyone on the Metro squad was welcoming to the new guy. [Islanders]
  • He is thriving with the post-John Tavares Isles, and didn’t want to be a “one-season guy.” [NY Post]
  • VIDEO: To change gears a bit, here’s Barry Trotz in his return to the Dauphin Kings, dropping the puck on the opening face-off. [YouTube]
  • The Sound Tigers defeated the Lehigh Valley Phantoms 4-1 on Saturday night for their first regulation win since December 28. Michael Dal Colle suited up, but Devon Toews did not. [Sound Tigers]


  • In his 31 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman wrote of an unconfirmed blockbuster trade involving the Oilers at the 2016 NHL Draft. Larry Brooks has confirmed that it would have sent then-Rangers defenseman and captain Ryan McDonagh to the Oilers for the no. 4 overall pick, with other components as part of the deal. Brooks also goes on a weird diatribe against Corsi to defend his take that the Rangers should have kept Anton Stralman over Dan Boyle, a take which Corsi would support, not hurt, but sure! [NY Post]
  • Speaking of Rangers trades, Kevin Hayes isn’t sweating a potential trade before the deadline. [Newsday]
  • VIDEO: P.K. Subban is a man of many talents and in many forms of entertainment. He hosted a late-night-style talk show after the All-Star Game, and it was quite good. He’s a natural. [NHL]
  • Brianna Decker demonstrated the Premier Passing Drill at the Skills Competition on Friday night, even though the NHL and NBCSN failed to show it on TV, and by all appearances, her time was better than the eight NHL skaters who participated. Which would mean she should get the prize money of $25,000, instead of, say, already uber-rich Leon Draisaitl. It resulted in the hashtag #PayDecker, but the NHL chose to do nothing until CCM volunteered to pay her the $25,000. Then the NHL claimed they looked into her time, and said Draisaitl beat her. As the article notes, it “can only be described as the smallest of hat tips to diversity and inclusion.” [Deadspin]