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Islanders Gameday News: These guys again?!

Time for, uh, Round 3? Round 4, even?

NHL: Preseason-New York Islanders at Philadelphia Flyers
Bode takes a facecrusher.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Islanders and Flyers continued their traveling preseason circus last night in Philadelphia, and will again do battle tonight at Barclays Center, their third different venue. They’ll actually do it again in a fourth arena in Allentown, PA on Friday night, but at least the Islanders will mix it up and play the Devils between now and then.

The Bits are a bit light today, but that’s okay, we’ll live.

General Bits

  • Philly beat the Isles last night by a score of 3-1. Mike Sislo had the lone Islanders goal, assisted by Manhasset’s own Ryan Hitchcock. [Newsday | Islanders]

Coach Barry Trotz was not happy with the effort on display last night.

  • Joshua Ho-Sang believes that gameplay is a better indicator of talent and ability than practice, as you’re motivated to win something, but Trotz does factor both into his evaluation process. [Newsday]
  • Dom answered Question #17, about Devon Toews’ chances to crack the top 6. He should, but a lot of roadblocks were placed in his path. [LHH]
  • Andrew Gross appeared as the Islanders representative on the Hockey Night in New York podcast episode that dropped over the weekend.
  • The NHL has unveiled a new site that will serve as the online home for League history; it replaces the printed almanac they’ve produced on a yearly basis. [NHL]
  • Here it is, if you wanna take it for a spin. [NHL]