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Islanders News: Trotz/Lamoriello speech; Entrance Lane; de Haan farewell

Also: Ladd says “we’re moving on” too.

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Buffalo Sabres v New York Islanders
Thanks for all those.
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if July 4 was a bit of a pause in the drumbeat of Islanders news, July 5 was a chance to get right back at it. Included among that was Lou Lamoriello and Barry Trotz each appearing on NHL satellite radio to give their version, and vision, of what’s ahead.

Islanders News

  • First, Andrew Ladd on life after Tavares: “We’re not worried about him anymore.” [NHL]
  • Lou Lamoriello said they did “everything we possibly could” to keep Tavares, but that’s the past. [NHL | Full interview via SoundCloud | Newsday]
  • Barry Trotz did the radio too. [SoundCloud]
  • My read of it? They know they’re in a rebuild or retooling, but they think the pieces are already in place to make it an accelerated one. And the fourth-line signings are about culture, take that as you will. [LHH]
  • As expected, Brock Nelson filed for arbitration. [LHH]
  • Meanwhile, Trotz got his ol’ running mate Lane Lambert, hired as associate coach. [LHH | Isles | Newsday]
  • And Ladd doing his part to support mental health. [Calgary Herald]
  • Seven facts about Robin Lehner. [Isles] But what is his fantasy impact? [NHL]
  • Oh, and the Isles made Jakub Skarek’s ELC, which we posted earlier, official. [Isles]

Thank you from the Carp lad:

Yeah, um get out of here with that


  • Is Erik Karlsson headed to Tampa? Maybe so, maybe not (is it for this my life I sought?)
  • Shea Weber update: The knee surgery is expected to keep him out till mid December. [NHL]
  • In addition to Nelson, here’s the rest of the 44 players who filed for arbitration. [NHLPA]
  • “All four Rangers who filed for arbitration are still able to be traded and that is where the intrigue lies.” Right. Players on one-way contracts can still be sent to the AHL, and players filing for arbitration can be traded. These are true things. [Post]
  • Alex Pietrangelo knows the Blues’ offseason moves have made them better. [NHL]
  • GM Kyle Dubas says the Leafs “can and will” keep William Nylander and their other young stars despite adding the $11 million Tavares cap hit. [NHL]
  • The Lightning would have to make cap room for Erik Karlsson, but it’s Erik Karlsson. [TB]