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Lane Lambert Named Islanders Associate Coach

The longtime Barry Trotz aid follows him from the Capitals to Long Island.

Washington Capitals v New Jersey Devils
They go way back.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Head coach Barry Trotz is filling out his staff as he makes the transition from the Washington Capitals, where he won the Stanley Cup this spring, to the New York Islanders, where he has a lot of work to do to reach that height.

The latest announced hire is Lane Lambert, who was on his staff with the Capitals and had followed him to D.C. after many years together with the Nashville Predators.

Lambert was named associate coach, which in the coaching hierarchy fills the title Greg Cronin had on Doug Weight’s staff before both were “relieved of duties” by Lou Lamoriello last month.

Before joining Trotz’s staff on the bench in Nashville in 2011, he led the Predators’ AHL affiliate in Milwaukee as head coach. As a player, he made the NHL for 283 games as a more defensive-minded center with the Red Wings, Rangers and Nordiques.

Here’s Trotz on SiriuxXM today, discussing Lane and presumably implying “high-” before “quality”:

“Lane’s a quality coach and a quality person. He knows that culture that we want and he knows what I want to get done. He’s been a really good ally.”

This announcement isn’t a surprise; it was hinted as much during Trotz’s opening presser when he joined the Isles. But it’s another sign Trotz (and Lamoriello) have license to put their stamp on things. Longtime Trotz goaltending coach/consultant/”goalie whisperer” Mitch Korn, who also goes back with Trotz to Capitals and Predators days, has reportedly had talks with both the Islanders about a role and with the Capitals about staying, but no news on which way that is headed yet.