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Islander News: Hickey, Martin are pumped

The longtime Islanders seek to reassure fans that there are new sheriffs in town.

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Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Islanders
Happy to be back and ready to go.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Tuesday was a wildly busy one for the New York Islanders, with several more roster changes becoming clearer. While they are rumored to be involved in the Erik Karlsson chase — along with dozes of other teams that change by the minute — the actual news was finally landing a goalie and bringing back an old favorite.

Islanders Reading

  • Arthur Staple caught up with fish oil guru Thomas Hickey and returnee Matt Martin, who both understand fan reaction to The Departure, but are pumped for the future. Martin, in part: “Lou and Barry are here to win. Isles fans should be confident they’ll put this team on the right track.” Hickey on the new guys: “The goalie (Lehner) is a hothead, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. They’re all guys with a real competitive nature who could kick us into gear after 2-3 years of maybe becoming a bit too complacent.” [The Athletic]
  • Oh, that’s right, yesterday’s news: Matt Martin is back, acquired for Eamon McAdam. [LHH | Isles | Newsday | Soundin’ Off] From Newsday, on Lou: ““One thing I know about Lou is you’re not going to get a whole lot out of him,” Martin said. “If you think you’ve got his whole plan figured out and you think you know what he’s doing, you don’t.”
  • And that “hot head” is now in the fold on a one-year deal. [LHH (with hothead videos | Isles]
  • The Isles were in it till the end, but Calvin de Haan is off to join the Hurricanes. [LHH | Canes Country]
  • Not officially announced yet, but Jakub Skarek has apparently agreed to his ELC. [LHH]
  • Right before a bunch of that news broke, Jenny posted this great piece on how John Tavares defined the Islanders for her generation, and he could have been that rare “one-club” guy that he used to talk about wanting to be. [LHH]
  • Martin gets what this means to him, and fans. [Instagram]
  • Noel and Whaler Dan had their go at the Tavares situation and other news. [Isles Buzz Podcast] A few timezones away, our English Isles fan also gives his take, in Fanpost form. [LHH]
  • For posterity: How Stan Fischler spoke for so many fans in essentially asking Tavares “Dude...why’d you ghost us?” [LHH]
  • Seven facts about the Kuhnhackl. [Isles]
  • A broad survey of media and fan reactions to Tavares’ departure. [Islesblogger]
  • Dan and Islesblogger Mike and others quoted in this reaction piece. [ESPN]
  • The Isles are stocking up on bottom sixers but if they choose to actually get a decent center they could...plunder the Senators? [Athletic]


  • On media insiders, and inspired by Dan’s excellent Tavares Encyclopedia Epilogue: “Seriously, who the hell are all of you people and why are you so obsessively angry at my team, my city, and myself?” (Trigger warning: Includes JT PJs image) [PPP]
  • The Capitals brace for the unfamiliar role of being really happy about their previous season. [NHL]
  • It’s been interesting seeing some Islanders fans say the Blues overpaid for Ryan O’Reilly. Price was steep, but not as steep as you think. They did what they needed to do in a tough division. If the Isles were in their position I’d be pissed if they didn’t do it. [STL Game Time]
  • Tyler Bozak pens a great Players’ Tribune farewell (no really!) to Toronto. I don’t want one from JT because he chose to get the hell out.

That’s all for now. Thanks for keeping up with us through all the chaos and news. To our American readers: Happy 4th! Don’t blow your digits off.