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Islanders News: AHL signings and more Tavares hangover

Also: That’s not a new Ryan Pulock tweet. But it’s still cool.

Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Islanders
You are prescient and we love you.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Islanders announced a slew of minor signings yesterday, several that had already been reported (Gibson, Helgeson), and others that were new and hold promise for the team’s newfound commitment to fielding a good team in Bridgeport.

And then over here, the ripples and reactions to the Tavares departure created some more missives.

Islanders Reading

  • The best post-Tavares reaction in my book (but not only my book; tons of people retweeted it and added their own praise) and one of the best things ever produced on this site: If you read only one more Tavares reaction thing, read Dan’s epilogue to the Tavares Contract Encyclopedia. Clap...clap...clap [LHH]
  • But if you want to read more reactions to The Departure, we have those too! (Seriously, people, the Fanpost game is strong among you.) [Et tu, Brute? | Why I’m Not Leaving, and You Should Stay]
  • He turned heel though, man. [Gotham Sports]
  • Stan Fischler surveyed fans for their reactions. (He also continued his roast about The Decision, but we’ll post about that later.) [MSG]
  • Noel looks back and reminds us: Franchise players, come, franchise players go. [LHH]
  • You can trade your 91 jersey in for bagels. [ESPN | Newsday]
  • But as for roster news, the Islanders signed a couple of good AHL scorers for Bridgeport in Matt Lorito [LHH] and Matt Sislo, along with Penguins fourth-liner Tom Kuhnhackl. [LHH | Newsday]
  • Fornabaio on the latter two: “Since 1998, only one New Jersey Devils AHL affiliate has won a playoff round. The Islanders have just signed that team’s top two scorers.” [Soundin’ Off]
  • They’re also reportedly showing interest in Erik Karlsson. A reflection of the “rebuild or rebound” dilemma? [LHH]
  • Which is one of the things they can do with their newfound cap space. [Post | NHL]
  • Hey, and this all lets them ease into a three-year plan to shine in Belmont, right? [SNY]

Dreaming of offer sheeting in revenge?...Yes, dream on:

Hey Pat, mind broadcasting that to the many Canadian media you’re tight with?

Finally — and you should REALLY READ WHAT FOLLOWS — I don’t know who retweeted this first yesterday, but it got a lot of people excited about snark from Ryan Pulock. Except it’s a tweet from his draft year, not a response to Tavares’ “hey I’m leaving the Isles and oh look I had Leafs sheets.”


  • Will the Leafs steal de Haan too? [PPP]
  • Calgary won the James Neal sweepstakes with a five-year deal. [M&G | TSN] (They also won the Alan Quine sweepstakes, if you missed that one.)
  • As mentioned above, the Senators will permit Erik Karlsson to discuss contract with potential trade partners. [NHL]
  • As expected, Joe Thornton re-signed in San Jose, this time for $5 million. [TSN]
  • They’d offered him an extension knowing he’d likely say “nah.” [NHL]
  • Oh look, a Pittsburgh columnist defends jim Rutherford’s remarks that set Tortorella off. [Post-Gazette]