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Islanders News: Just add Korn; shave it for Mom; re-trade Linden

The loss of the Islanders’ best beard would please Mrs. Leddy.

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Nashville Predators v Edmonton Oilers
Korn goes all the way back to Nashville with Trotz.
Photo by Dale MacMillan/Getty Images

It’s a Friday in July, all the Islanders free agents are signed, and their coaching staff is complete. Now what?

Islanders News

  • To that last point, you know how on Wednesday when the Islanders named Piero Greco as goaltending coach, we wondered whether that meant the Mitch Korn chase was over or if it just meant that Korn would get a similar “director” role like he had the last two years in D.C.? It’s the latter. [Isles | LHH | Newsday]
  • Compton and Carver discuss the Nelson extension, the Korn addition, and talk to Matt Martin, who received a parking ticket while learning he would rejoin the Isles. [Isles Seat]
  • Nick Leddy’s mom is thrilled he (presumably) will have to shave under Lou’s Rules, Anders Lee would love to remain long-term, Brock Nelson is happy about Barry Trotz. [The Athletic]
  • No plastic straws at Barclays, the first NYC arena to make this move. BCE will make the change at the Coliseum, too. [Post]
  • ICYMI: The state is “evaluating existing rail infrastructure” at Belmont, given known challenges to expanding the LIRR service for the new arena there. [Newsday]
  • Diving into the Islanders’ top 20 prospects, 11-15. [Island Hockey Blog]

Elsewhere, or at least Way Over There

  • The big league news over mid-week was the Canucks parting ways with longtime captain, former Islander, and recent Chief of Rebuild Trevor Linden. [Canucks]
  • GM Jim Benning and coach Travis Green have no idea why Linden and Canucks ownership parted ways. [The Athletic | NHL]
  • Linden says thanks and good luck. [Canucks] The ownership doesn’t do press conferences but does Tweet. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • Linden leaves the Canucks...better than when he took over? Campbell-takery. [THN]
  • Auston Matthews’ camp has begun extension talks with the Leafs but there’s no rush ‘cause you know he’s just biding his time to follow his pajama dreams back to Arizona. [NHL]