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Islanders News: Today is the first day of the rest of John Tavares’ career (or not)

And, well, the first day of the rest of your life.

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St Louis Blues v New York Islanders
Think about it. Now think, “Mathew Barzal...Mathew Barzal...”
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

John Tavares, most have inferred and would have us believe, will surely indicate today whether he intends to remain with the New York Islanders.

Even typing those words is surreal and a bit painful — not because I never expected that might happen, but rather I can’t believe The Moment is actually here. Everyone has suspected the Islanders were still in pole position, especially after the strategic “focusing on negotiating with the Islanders” stories of two weeks ago. But “Everyone” includes all the thousands of people who have no true idea what he is thinking.

Certainly, the Islanders captain wouldn’t take the process this far if he wasn’t seriously entertaining the idea of going to chase the Stanley Cup as some other team’s second- or third-most important player, rather than the most important one in blue and orange.

There is some thought that he could wait even until Saturday, but for the sake of everyone involved — most especially Dan — I do hope whatever decision is communicated soon.

Islanders Reading

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