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Islanders News: Lamoriello-Trotz era begins on NHL Draft Day

The Islanders get their GM, get their coach, now set eyes on the future.

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2017 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7
“Me? Yes, I have my ways.”
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I’m not someone who lives for opportunities to rip Garth Snow or Doug Weight (or to be honest, Mike Milbury or Don Maloney before them), nor am I a person who ever looks at his sports teams with much optimism. As a sports fan I’m used to disappointment and low expectations, and I see the architects of that disappointment as people who mean better but don’t know how to deliver it.

Given all that, however, even I am a little excited about next season now that both Lou Lamoriello and Barry Trotz are in the fold. Both have had their flaws in the NHL, but they’ve also accomplished a hell of a lot more than anyone in a similar position with the Islanders since Arbour and Torrey.

With Barzal emerging and Tavares (hopefully) still able to offer near-peak production, it’s nice to have them, finally, working under two guys who have a clear idea of what they hope to do.

We’ll have a classic Islanders Anxiety podcast up this morning, then a draft preview.

Islanders Reading

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  • Trotz said he wants the team to be fast, organized and defensively responsible. Lou was a big draw. [LHH | Isles conference call audio]
  • Next season the Islanders will play even more games, eight more, at Nassau Coliseum than previously announced. [Gov. Cuomo | Newsday | LHH] That’s part of the full schedule announcement for 2018-19. [Isles] But no derby games at the Coliseum next year. [Newsday]
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  • Trotz and Kenny Albert used to be roommates. [Newsday]
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  • The draft begins tonight. The beginning of Lou’s chance to remake the roster. [Newsday]
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