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Barry Trotz Plans to Make Islanders Fast, Organized

And he hopes to bring in some old friends to do it.

Washington Capitals v New York Islanders
The back end? Yes, it needs some cleaning.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A few hours after he was officially announced as New York Islanders head coach, Barry Trotz described to media how he wants to make the team fast, organized and well-taught.

In a conference call [audio here] that was restarted because some fools in Montreal let their phone’s hold music pipe into the call — you know, those amateurs up there — the man who was parading with the Stanley Cup last week was singing the praises of the Islanders’ roster and the new man picked to refine it.

Lou Lamoriello, named president of hockey operations last month, was the main reason Trotz jumped at the chance to lead a new team.

So what does he hope to do with the Islanders? Play fast (yeah we know, everyone says that) and, um, shore up that wee problem of the defense.

How’s he going to do it? Well, he hopes to bring in some old friends. Legendary goalie coach Mitch Korn has been with Trotz dating back to his Nashville days. In a move reportedly to pull back a bit, Korn had moved from goalie coach to “director of goaltending” with the Capitals, so we’ll see what kind of role he’d want with the Islanders. But the opportunity is likely exciting.

Trotz also said he’s interested in longtime partner Lane Lambert for his staff.

What about the Last Remaining Elephant in the Room?

Trotz has also already spoken with John Tavares, who can be a free agent on July 1, and can talk to other teams beginning next week.

For the Twitter-blocked, that’s Newsday’s Andrew Gross quoting Trotz saying “I think what I know of Lou, what I know of John...I felt strongly that once Lou gets with John...Lou’s going to execute a plan, a long-term plan that will be very successful so we can chase the Stanley Cup and win a Stanley Cup.”

Well that is the idea, now isn’t it. And it’s good to hear.