Islanders Off-season Holiday Wish List

Ok boys and girls, it's the bottom of the 9th and our immediate future is at stake. Lou has been called in from the bullpen to save the day. We have approximately $32 million in Cap space heading into the free agency season and 4 picks in the first 2 rounds of the draft. If you were at the helm, what decision(s) would u make to help this team going forward?

For the purpose of this, I would like to see what ideas everyone can come up with while taking into consideration term, dollars, needs of the team, and players that would realistically want to come to the Island, er Brooklyn.

1. Tavares resigned, 8 years @ $85 million, 10.5/yr.

2. Trade #12 pick + 2nd round pick to Washington for Grubauer and their 31st overall. (sign him to 4 year @ $14 million, 3.5/yr)

3. Sign Ian Cole free agent to 3yr @ $9.75 million, 3.25/yr

4. Resign Calvin Dehaan, 4 years @ $18 million, 4.5/yr

5. Trade Nelson, Pelech (-1.6 million), #31 pick (Was) and 2nd rd pick to Montreal for Pacioretty. ( 1yr left at $4.5 million) Kind of a reach.

6. Hire Alain Vigneault as head coach.

Total spent against the $32 million cap For 2018-19: $24.6

Remaining salary cap breathing room of approx 7.4 mill

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