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Islanders News: Clutter-ed hair; Lou-sing our minds; Wilson sucks

Also, beards!

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NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Islanders
There’s a mane under there.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy folks, it’s been a while. Worked out that news was slow on my days but here I am today, with the news for you.

Islanders News

  • This week’s Isle Seat features discussions of the possibility that Lou Lamoriello becomes a member of the Islanders organization, and they are joined by Arthur Staple.
  • Vote on some Hockey Hair, and make sure you pick Cal Clutterbuck! []

Beyond the Pale Blue and Orange

Last night’s playoff scores. The Lightning beat the Bruins on the road in Game 3 for a 2-1 lead, and the Sharks knotted up the series 2-2 with a 4-0 shutout on home ice of the Golden Knights.

  • Tom Wilson will be suspended for three playoff games for rearranging Zach Aston-Reese’s jaw and brain with his shoulder. [DoPS Explanation | Japers Rink]
  • If you ask me, it should be forever; just get him away from NHL ice. He’s a largely useless player with zero regard for anyone’s life outside of hockey and how he might be affecting it. What is this, the tenth-fifteenth time the hockey world is debating his predatory, dangerous hits? What fucking trash.
  • And that’s the problem, essentially, that this is the tenth-fifteenth time we’re debating this. He’s only been fined twice and suspended twice prior to this, but has certainly caused more harm than that. But he, somehow, has always managed to toe the imaginary line in the sand the NHL has drawn, while the NHL continues to adjust its rules around him instead of banning any and all head contact outright. [PPP]
  • (*Steps down off soapbox*) Anyway, Peter Chiarelli doesn’t have a real grasp on this salary cap thing, huh? [C&B]
  • Looks like the Stars will be hiring Denver University’s Jim Montgomery to be their next head coach. Seems like they had to move quickly or the Rangers would’ve swooped in. [Defending Big D]
  • Rick Dudley has been everywhere, man. And it all comes full circle with his return to the NHL’s Southeast Division. [The Athletic]
  • Remember the Hockey Hair thing? It’s because the NHL and NHLPA announced a partnership with Great Clips. Get your hair cut like the pros, or something like that. []
  • In the spirit of hair, the remaining players dish the dirt on who has the best and worst playoff beards, as well as their grooming habits. []
  • If you happen to be in Las Vegas, you can find some VGK-themed food and drinks throughout the strip as they continue their playoff run. [LVRJ]